Pest Control Treatment for Wooden Furniture and Structures


Wooden Structures and Furniture need to be protected from multiple pests, who destroy these wooden products beyond any possibility of recovery. Wooden structures and furniture are expensive and they also provide support to many vital structures. Any weakness in wood can result in collapse of the entire infrastructure.

It is always best to take preventive measures for protection of wood rather than having pest control, once the wood is infested with pests. It is not possible save the wooden structure then as it is destroyed from inside the wood.

The main pests those destroy wood are-

  • Pest Control for Wood Borers-
  • Wood borers turn the wood into powder. These reproduce within the wood. Their larvae eat away the wood while growing up. Wood Borers need to be checked in the beginning only. The wood must be dry. Proper pesticide solution of Borate insecticide should be sprayed over the wooden structure. Fumigation has also proved to be very helpful in controlling Wood Borer.

  • Pest Control for Termites-
  • Termites or White Ants are omni present. Termites are wood killers. Moisture invites termites and the wood must be completely dry to be termite resistant.

    Borate insecticide spray also works effectively over termites. Fumigation method is also equally effective to control termites. It is a repetitive process.

  • Pest Control for Carpenter Bee-
  • Carpenter bee is same as common bee. They build nests in woods. They destroy the wood in this process by making tunnels in the wood. Repeated fumigation has been found effective in making the carpenter bee fly away.

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