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Just Pest Management Services is a full pest control service, for residential, commercial and industrial pest control. It is a company serving Mumbai and surrounding areas in the state of Maharashtra, providing pest control service since a number of years. We have used our resources to give back to the community through our pest control services to the society. Our staff is dedicated to providing our customer the best, with professional service and respect. We have an outstanding reputation as a pest control service providing company.

We provide guaranteed pest control service, to our customers:

At Just Pest Management Services we are committed to ongoing training and re-certification for our technicians. We use the most up-to-date products and techniques as well as past proven solutions for all of your pest control needs. Homeowner’s safety for children and pets is a priority with all of our applications. We customize treatment options for each and every customer, single applications for your home or business, and the ability to service large multi-acre commercial accounts. We can handle most needs, large or small.

We provide safety for you from pests and harmful pesticides:

We get rid of pests without the use of harmful chemicals. Our pest control reagents are derived from natural substances that repel and kill bugs. These treatments areof less smell and low-impact, so they are safer for application in your home or business, even when you havedomestic pets or small children present.

Our pest control service is ecology friendly service:

The organic and natural pest treatments we use are derived from natural bug-repelling substances like rosemary, mint and thyme. These treatments biodegrade, so outdoor applications do not threaten plants or animals in the ecosystem.

Our pest control service is budget friendly service:

We provide a budget-friendly pest control service to our customers, and our expert technicians will provide a free estimate over the phone for residential customers and perform a thorough inspection to create a customized pest control maintenance plan to fit the needs of commercial facilities.

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