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Why Herbal Pest Control is the preferable method of chemical pest control?

Herbal pest control, or Organic pest control is definitely more preferred method of pest control today, over the conventional methods of chemical pest control. There are so many reasons for people opting for Herbal pest control methods, but the foremost among them is the Safety of Herbal pest control methods.

  • This method of pest control is better for the environment. It does not harm the surroundings, animals, birds, insects, humans or even the soil.
  • This method of pest control does not contaminate the water. The water remains safe for drinking as well for the use of irrigation and other such uses.
  • Herbal pest control provides long term results those are healthy in nature. This method of pest control seldom requires repeated applications of herbal pesticides, keeping the surrounding safe and intact for a long period of time.
  • Herbal pest control is so effective that pests cannot resist it. Chemical pesticides lose their effectiveness after a certain period of time. Repeated applications of the chemical pesticides make the pests resistant to the chemical pesticides. It can no longer do any damage to the pests, but the herbal pesticides remain effective for along time as there is no incidence of resistance development with herbal pesticides.
  • Herbal pesticides are used for biological control of pests and act as safer and greener agents to prevent pests. These are derived from natural ingredients and have the complete understanding of science of pests and pesticides.

What is Herbal Pest Control?

Pest control done by using non-chemical pesticides and insecticides, for protection of environmental safety, is known as Herbal Pest Control.

Pest Control is generally done by using pesticides and insecticides, which are chemicals in nature. These chemicals destroy pests through its harmful effects. The pesticides and insecticides are powerful enough to eliminate pests completely. But these pesticides and insecticides have its harmful effects over the humans, the animals and the birds, which sometime prove to be fatal.

These pesticides and insecticides also contaminate the soil and the water, with their poisonous effects. The soil loose its fertility and the crops and the water contaminated with poisonous pesticides and insecticides become unfit for consumption, for both humans and animals and birds. Pesticides become a major source of environmental pollution and it contaminates the entire nature.

Non-chemical methods for pest control is currently applied to make pest control activity safe for both the living organisms and the natural environment. These are known as Herbal Pesticides. These herbal pests controlling agents are organic in nature and are derived from plants and herbs. Different herbs and plant extracts have been found to have pest controlling properties on a specific pest. It can very successfully control and eliminate that particular pest such as, Citronella based repellents can eliminate mosquitoes.

What are the advantages of Herbal Pest Control?

  • Herbal pest control doe not contaminate and pollute the atmosphere and the environment.
  • Herbal Pest Control is safe for all living beings and it does not do any harm to soil fertility and purity of drinking or irrigation water.
  • Herbal pesticides and insecticides are derived from plants and herbs, so they are all absolutely non-toxic in nature.
  • Herbal Pest Control does not emit any repulsive smell after use, as similar to normal pest control.
  • Herbal Pest Control is relatively economical than normal pest control.

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