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Residential pest control is a matter of great health challenge for the residing family.

This requires great knowledge of public health and hygiene Residential pest control is generally a health related matter. Residential areas, colonies, housing society’s multi storey buildings, places holding human habitats are easy preys of diseases carried by pests.

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous among the house hold pests. They spread dreadful diseases since time immemorial. It all started with Malaria. Malaria killed millions and is still killing. Filarial followed .It crippled many, still crippling. Mosquitoes became potential carriers of viral fever, which were and still are, incurable. Mosquitoes brought in Dengue, the disease which destroyed metro and bigger cities first, slowly spreading to smaller dwellings, again without any therapy. Ebola was next. And now, ZIKA, the disease which shook USA and countries in Latin America and Africa. Now entering Asia and have entered India. The other pests causing problems are cockroaches. Cockroaches infest kitchens, food storages, and drainage and sewage system of the house. These creatures contaminate food and drinking water sources and thereby make everyone sick. They are the root cause of diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Paratyphoid, Gastro enteritis, Jaundice, and such many more. They shed their skin and trigger conditions like Asthma, Allergic conditions, Skin diseases in humans.

Rats and rodents are domestic threat that puts humans to harm. They spread diseases like Plague, Yellow fever, Rabies, Rat fever and many such dreadful diseases .Not to mention the amount of destruction they do in term of household storage goods, food grains, Cloths and garments and literally everything. If there are rats in house, it will destroy it. Termites are the silent destroyer of everything. It can erase the house to ground.

Pests must be eliminated and controlled. They have to be wiped out from residential homes and never be allowed to grow again. Residential pest control experts do the job properly. There has to be right balance in pest control and safety of inmates of the house. It is a very delicate matter. An expert only can do it and only an expert should be allowed to resident pest control.

Just Pest Management Services has a team of experts in residential pest control

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